How I made my customised Water Colour Palette-3

Here’s what I put together to create   my custom-made water colour palette.

Empty Half-pans, water-colour tubes and a plastic cake decorating revolving turntable.



The other supplies i used to put my custom water-colour palette together were:


Here’s the list:

  1. A pencil
  2. A water-colour brush- I used a #8 round brush
  3. Alcohol Swabs
  4. A fine tipped permanent marker
  5. A Broad tipped permanent marker- found the brand tipped Sharpie to be the best.
  6. A pair of tweezers
  7. A one hole punch
  8. Double sided foam tape
  9. A pair of Scissors( I used one made specifically to cut wash tape and sticky stuff).Trust me, it helps:).
  10. 6-7 1” -1.5′ binder rings
  11. A retractable cutter blade
  12. Baby wipes
  13. Arches 300 GSM Cold press water colour paper cut into swatch cards:2.6″x3.6″
  14. A vinyl eraser
  15. A plastic ruler/scale
  16. A clean white plastic tray -large


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