How I made my customised Water Colour Palette-4

Setting up the base:


The cake decorating stand I chose had a diameter of 8 1/2 ” and had six “sections” so I decided to divide all my colours into six broad groups.

The next thing to do, of course, was to find the best way to arrange my half pans in each section…and i loved the way they looked placed like they are, in the photo above…19 per section.

Take a pic of your choice of arrangement, or leave a set of half pans in that particular arrangement so you have a ready template/point of reference.

Prepping the half pans:

Apparently, it helps to pour water-colours from tubes into pans that have a “scratched” surface ,so the colours holds on to the rough surface in the half pans ,when dry and don’t fall out…..I used my retractable blade to scrape the insides of each half pan I was going to use….6(sections)x19 (half pans)= 3 hours ,or as many days as you like,lol:)!


Use the pair of tweezers to pull out any plastic scrapes/curls/frills from inside each half pan…and wash them clean.Soak them in dish washing liquid for about half an hour, to not just clean out the scraped plastic, but also to clean away any grease or manufacturing residue. Turn them upside to let dry completely.Your paints will bless you for giving them squeaky clean homes:)!




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