How I made my customised Water Colour Palette-5

The great Water-Colours for the Palette Negotiation

I pulled out my stash of water colour tubes.


I also pulled out my bunch of the Arches 300 GSM Cold Press Water Colour paper custom sized art cards that I had cut out ( 2 1/2″x 3 1/2″), besides my broad black Sharpie marker…( courtesy


Painting over a card with a  thick black line drawn across the card with a Black  permanent Sharpie lets you see for yourself whether the water color is transparent, translucent, semi-opaque or opaque…and how it stands against black.IMG_1828

I started with a #8 round water colour brush loaded with colour, and swiped it along the black line( cards 1 and 2)….and I tried doing a two layered wash ( the third card)….and settled for the first way of making my swatch cards.

I pulled out my big, white plastic tray and added a smidge  of every single water color I wanted to explore, before I chose the final set for my “happy colour” custom water colour palette.fullsizeoutput_23f

And I made swatch cards using every such colour.


This is a sampling of all the swatch cards I painted, and punched a hole in the top left corner of each card.

At the base of every card, I wrote down the name of the colour, and the first initial/s of the brand.So, DS=Daniel Smith; S= Schminke; H= Holbein ; WN= Winsor Newton.


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