How I made my customised Water Colour Palette-7


Once the colours were chosen, the next step was to code my empty half pans and fill them with colour from the tubes.

As shared in the previous post, each category had 19 colours and I gave each category a number from 1 to 6…starting with the Teals , Aquas and Blues…the first colour was coded 1/1….and went on till 19/1. Ditto for each category.


I prepped 19 half pans for each category. Using a fine-tipped permanent marker, I wrote the “colour code” on either side ( the shorter side) and the name of the colour on the other two sides.


So , the entire coding for this half-pan is: 1/1; Ultramarine Turquoise, Daniel Smith.

Trust me, this comes handy if you, like me, insist on arranging your colour palette a certain way…and always want to able to know which half pan has which colour, which brand it is, besides knowing where in the sequence of your palette scheme it happens to be placed.




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