How I made my customised Water Colour Palette-8


Once all my half pans, I began pouring colour into each, from the tube. The basic tip is to squeeze the colour in slowly, forcing it into the corners…or nudging it, if you can….and filling it half way into the pan.

I tapped  it gently a few times against stable or any other hard surface, and tapped it on the sides a few times, to release any air bubbles and to help it settle smoothly into the half pan.I let them them to settle for a day or two….or unless they didn’t  stick to my finger tips when i pressed into them ,gently.

I filled each pan to the top this time…tried not to  over do it till i figured out how do it “right”.Then, I let them sit for another day or two.I  noticed a little “depression” in the centre of each colour….I decided to let it be….so when I spritzed water into my pans later, they could hold some water and  soften a little.




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